Bali Tubing Adventure

Explore the thrill of aquatic adventure with UCIBALI captivating Bali Tubing Adventure Packages! Immerse yourself in Bali’s stunning natural landscapes and dynamic waters, promising boundless excitement for adventurers of all generations.

Our carefully crafted Bali Tubing Adventure Packages ensure a perfect blend of exhilaration and safety amidst the breathtaking vistas of Bali.

Embark on a tubing odyssey through Bali’s meandering rivers, where every twist and turn unveils mesmerizing panoramas. Experience an adrenaline rush as you glide atop the water’s surface, embraced by the refreshing breeze, amplifying the sense of freedom and excitement.

Guiding you through this exhilarating journey are our expert partners, equipped with extensive local knowledge and years of experience. They guarantee your safety while enriching the experience with captivating insights into the region’s ecology, culture, and history.

At Cross Bali Tours, we seamlessly merge the thrill of tubing with Bali’s natural marvels, offering a chance to disconnect from the ordinary and reconnect with nature. Create cherished moments with loved ones amidst the beauty of our world.

Secure your spot for the Bali Tubing Adventure Package with UCIBALI today and prepare for an aquatic voyage that will linger in your memories. Discover the pulse-pounding joy of tubing in one of the globe’s most enchanting destinations!

Tour Price

Minimum 2 Person Price
2 Person
USD$35 /person




  • Minimum 2 participants: Engage in vibrant experiences with a minimum of 2 participants, ensuring lively interactions throughout your journey.
  • Transparent Pricing: Enjoy fair and transparent pricing without any hidden fees. Our affordably priced packages offer great value, allowing you to budget confidently for a stress-free tour.
  • Group-Friendly: Catering to groups of up to 15 participants, we’re thrilled to accommodate large groups for personalized tours.

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